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Laboratorium Laboratorium

Grupa Azoty S.A., located in Tarnów, is the only Polish and one of a few European integrated producers of polyamide 6, under the trade name of Tarnamid®, which is manufactured by the polymerization of caprolactam produced in Tarnów. The company is also the only manufacturer of polyacetal plastic (POM), under the trade name of Tarnamid®.

The unique potential embodied partly in the close cooperation maintained with leading Polish institutions and scientific research teams, allows the range of modified engineering plastics to constantly evolve. By taking care of ensuring the highest standards of customer service, Grupa Azoty S.A. is able to provide expert service and advice for its customers.

The domain of Grupa Azoty S.A. is engineering plastics that ensure the safety and highest quality of the products manufactured by our customers:

  • Tarnamid® (PA6) - a high quality thermoplastic engineering polymer obtained by the polycondensation of ε-aminocaprolactam. Grupa Azoty S.A. offers basic grades and a wide range of modified grades.
  • Tarnoform® (polyformaldehyde, POM) - a high performance thermoplastic engineering plastic obtained by cationic polymerization of trioxane. Grupa Azoty S.A. offers natural, coloured and modified Tarnoform.
  • Tarnamid® A (polyamide PA 66) - a range of various grades of modified thermoplastic engineering plastics in the form of granules produced on the basis of polyamide 66 (PA66), intended to produce articles by injection moulding.
  • Tarnoprop C and H (PPC, PPH) - a range of various grades of plastics, manufactured on the basis of the copolymers and homopolymers of propylene.
  • Tarnodur A (PBT) - a range of modified grades of thermoplastic engineering polymers manufactured on the basis of thermoplastic polyesters - polybutylene terephthalate (PBT).