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Tarnamid A (PA66) – polyamide 66

Polyamide 66 is a product of the polycondensation of adipic acid and hexamethylenediamine. A crystalline material. Density: 1.14 gcm3. Melting point: about 255°C. In comparison to PA6, lower moisture absorption (2.2-2.5%) as well as better mechanical and sliding properties. The highest thermal resistance among polyamides. Glass fibre reinforced grades: increased specific gravity (1.60 g/cm3), very high stiffness, higher creep resistance, and high dimensional stability. Temperature range for continuous operation: from -30oC to +120oC.

Tarnamid A(PA66) – poliamid 66

Tarnamid A (PA66) – advantages

  • Tarnamid A(PA 66)Very high resistance to thermal ageing
  • Tarnamid A(PA 66)Good abrasion resistance
  • Tarnamid A(PA 66)Good impact resistance, even at low temperatures
  • Tarnamid A(PA 66)Good damping properties
  • Tarnamid A(PA 66)Excellent dimensional stability of elements made of PA66
  • Tarnamid A(PA 66)Good sliding properties
  • Tarnamid A(PA 66)Excellent resistance to fuels and oils
  • Tarnamid A(PA 66)Strength and stiffness maintained at high temperatures

Tarnamid A (PA66) – limitations

  • Tarnamid A(PA 66)Absorption of moisture
  • Tarnamid A(PA 66)Drying required before processing
  • Tarnamid A(PA 66)Not resistant to strong inorganic acids